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Skills Classes

Anything Goes

Anything Goes classes are offered multiple times a week! You’ll have the undivided (okay, maybe a little divided) attention of an instructor, and will be able to work on the project(s) of your choice. You’ll have the opportunity to learn a new skill, decipher a stubborn pattern, and learn from the projects your classmates are working on. Important - please read our Anything Goes class policies.
Monday (Bridgit)10am — 12pm
Tuesday (Becky)11am — 1pm
Wednesday (Bridgit)10am — 12pm

Special Additions - Knit
Friday, Oct. 5 (Cori Eichelberger)12pm — 2pm
Friday, Oct. 12 (Cori Eichelberger)12pm — 2pm
Friday, Oct. 9 (Cori Eichelberger)12pm — 2pm
Friday, Oct. 26 (Cori Eichelberger)12pm — 2pm

Special Additions - Knit & Crochet
Tuesday, Oct. 9 (Brenda)5pm — 7pm
Tuesday, Oct. 23 (Brenda)5pm — 7pm
Tuesday, Nov. 6 (Brenda)5pm — 7pm

$21 per session
Get 33% off when working on only Lakeside Yarn projects!

Project Classes

Knit the Hiro with Your Hero

Hiro Cardigan
Cori Eichelberger will be on hand to guide you through the knitting of Hiro by Julia Farwell-Clay, and she has knit this sweater more times than she can count! Stop in for your supplies before the class begins. Must have knit in the round experience to make this sweater. Bring your gauge swatch to the first class.

Fridays (Cori Eichelberger)
Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26, and Nov. 2
10am —12pm
Class limit: 8

$75 + materials (10% discount)


Private Lessons

If you want the undivided attention of an instructor, or need help on a project that was purchased at another yarn shop or online, we are happy to set up a private lesson for you. Available on Wednesdays from 12:30–3pm.
$15 / half hour
$10 / half hour for Lakeside Yarn projects

Knit Night Every Thursday

Join us for fun, friendship and refreshments every Thursday from 5 — 7pm. Lakeside Yarn Projects not required but greatly appreciated!
Materials for all classes must be purchased at Lakeside Yarn; if you have purchased your yarn elsewhere, we would be happy to help you in a private lesson